Optimizing Sales Excellence for the Entire Sales Operation

Growing your sales revenue requires agile, scalable solutions that meet the needs of an increasingly complex customer landscape. Sales teams need to see the entire pipeline in a single view to streamline account planning processes to gain real-time revenue intelligence. This enables teams to take immediate action and spend less time hunting for information.
ForecastEra’s account planning solution, built on Salesforce, streamlines processes and data so sales teams can focus on closing deals.

Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance

  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders
  • Detect the whitespace within existing accounts
  • Identify growth acceleration opportunities
  • Understand buyer intent with real-time market insights

Data-Driven Account Growth Planning

  • Simplified, 360-view of the entire revenue forecast
  • Real-time revenue projections
  • Immediate, actionable insights
  • Transparency of data across the organization
  • Drive smarter decisions with account portfolio analytics

The Proof is in Your Results

Sales teams with 25+ Salesforce licenses have used ForecastEra to:


Increase revenue from partner channel 12x​


Faster sales cycles​


Increased sales forecast accuracy​


Win rates

Learn How ForecastEra Delivers Transparency Throughout Your Organization

Account Plan Navigator

Identify Whitespace

Key Relationships & Influencers

Engagement and Risk Scoring

Sales Forecast Navigator

Plans, Targets, Quotas

Win/Loss Analysis

Forecast Accuracy

Revenue Forecast Navigator

Real-Time Forecasts

Drive Accountability

Risk Mitigation

Track, report, plan, and forecast more efficently.

Manage your sales accounts and plan for stronger results by adding ForecastEra’s suite of tools to your Salesforce environment.