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Gain Insights to Drive Predictable Sales Performance

It's a New Era for Business Growth with ForecastEra.

Free your Sales reps time by automating cumbersome forecasting done in spreadsheets and offline tools. Enrich your CRM with native forecasting solutions to bring collaborative forecasting to life. Analyze data, drive actions, use Predictive insights and judgement to provide the most accurate forecasts for management decision making
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Sales Forecast Navigator Features

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Product Highlights

Plan, Targets, Quotas

Develop integrated and aligned BU/Product/Geo Plans and alternative scenarios. Assign optimal quotas to meet company objectives.


Daily/weekly snapshots & automated analysis of period-to-period pipeline progress provide insights to improve performance.

Forecast Accuracy

Predictive analytics provide assessment of risk and opportunities in forecast and insights to improve predictability.

Trend Analysis

Identification of key trends and early diagnostics help understand the underlying root causes and become proactive.

Pipeline Adequacy

Evaluate adequacy of pipeline vis-à-vis forecast commitments. Develop and assign pipeline targets to meet quotas and objectives.

Win/Loss Analytics

Analyze and provide insights on changes in product/channel/geo mixes that may have profound impact on profitability.

Sweet Spot

Predictive analytics services as an early diagnostic tool to help improve closure rate and minimize loss.

Product Mix

Analyze and product insights on changes in product/channel/geo mixes and help influence it to positively profitability.
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