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Gain Insights to Drive Predictable Sales Performance

Account Plan Navigator

Gain and Retain wallet-share and mind-share of your clients with Account and Territory Plan Navigator.

Take real-time account planning to an entirely new level with a 360 degree view of the account combined with external intelligence to create contextual insights and identify growth acceleration opportunities

Revenue Forecasting‚Äč

Actionable Revenue Forecasts that drive sales accountability, improve forecast accuracy and provide a real-time view into revenue based on forward looking data from CRM and historical information from ERP. Automate revenue planning and drive collaboration across Sales, Finance and Operations to produce the most reliable data-driven forecasts

Sales Forecasting Navigator

Free your Sales reps time by automating cumbersome forecasting done in spreadsheets and offline tools. Enrich your CRM with native forecasting solutions to bring collaborative forecasting to life.

Analyze data, drive actions, use Predictive insights and judgement to provide the most accurate forecasts for management decision making.

Demand Plan Navigator

Actionable account plans to surface cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Get insights to your sales pipeline and execution in real time and when you demand it.

Your revenue forecast is tightly integrated with sales activity and any changes in sales is immediately translated into impact on revenue.

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