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Account Plan Navigator

Global sales teams trust Account Plan Navigator.

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    The Proof Will Be In Your Results

    Sales teams with at least 25 Salesforce licenses have used Account Plan Navigator to: 


    Increase revenue from partner channel 12x​


    Faster sales cycles


    Increased sales forecast accuracy


    Win rates


    Increase in deal sizes


    Increase customer retention

    Instantly uncover the fastest sales path with Account Plan Navigator

    Improve Your Sales Team's Performance.

    Turbocharge your account planning:

    • Simplified Account Planning that is Native to CRM
    • Strengthen Relationships with Stakeholders
    • Identify growth acceleration opportunities
    • Understand buyer intent with real-time market insights
    • Drive smarter decisions with Account Portfolio Analytics
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    Account Plan Navigator Benefits

    White Space

    Assess your current offerings and penetrate your strategic accounts by analyzing addressable spend within the organization.

    Identify Key Relationship & Influence

    Use our Relationship Mapping function to identify BANT and understand decision makers relationships inside and out of the organization.

    AI based Market 

    Using Machine Learning we scan over 75,000,000 websites to provide you with information related to critical updates within your strategic accounts.

    Risk Scoring for 

    Take advantage of our Risk Scoring Model to identify strategic, operational, and commercial risk within an account.

    Guided Sales: Pre-defined Goals & Actions

    Create actionable plans to assign and monitor tasks to the account team tying the outcome to realized revenue and a reduction in cost.


    Compare your offerings and position in an account to comparable organizations in your space.

    Account Insights, 
    What-if Simulation

    Enable your Account Team by providing them a hub to understand CSAT information, open and closed opportunities, client challenges, and SWOT analysis.

    Buying Center 

    Understand your relationship to stakeholders in each buying center, which products they have implemented, and where your offerings fit.

    Account Planning Navigator Features

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