ForecastEra is the #1 account planning, sales, revenue, and demand forecast suite native to Salesforce.

Demand Plan Navigator

Plan Resource Requirements to meet your Commitments.

Forecast with confidence, drive operational excellence and achieve your financial objectives.

  • Realtime Revenue and Demand Planning Integration
  • Optimize your workforce plans to avoid any revenue leakage
  • Own a clear line of sight from your delivery organization to demand
  • Plan resources with hyper-accurate efficiency
  • Drive Cost Optimization & Margin Expansion

Demand Plan Navigator Benefits

Demand Navigator – Primer

Five KPIs:

  • Financial KPIs: Revenue, Revenue Seasonality, and Gross Margin
  • Operational KPIs: Volume, Capacity (% Utilization Target)

Revenue Dashboard (automated feed from Revenue Navigator)

  • Help assess robustness of revenue forecast

Demand (Resource) forecasting by Service Line

Demand Navigator – Advanced

“n” KPIs

  • User defined Financial and Operational KPIs
  • Pre-implementation consultancy services to help select the KPIs and their relevancy

Resource and Margin optimization

  • Optimize resource mix by location/center (off-shore/on-shore) and resource pyramid ( skills level)
  • Develop margin expansion plans

Implementation by Regions, Business Units, and Clients

  • Cloud Based Service

Demand Plan Navigator Features

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