ForecastEra is the #1 account planning, sales, revenue, and demand forecast suite native to Salesforce.

Demand Plan Navigator

Plan Resource Requirements to meet your Commitments.

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    Forecast with confidence, drive operational excellence and achieve your financial objectives.

    • Realtime Revenue and Demand Planning Integration
    • Optimize your workforce plans to avoid any revenue leakage
    • Own a clear line of sight from your delivery organization to demand
    • Plan resources with hyper-accurate efficiency
    • Drive Cost Optimization & Margin Expansion

    Demand Plan Navigator Benefits

    Demand Navigator – Primer

    Five KPIs:

    • Financial KPIs: Revenue, Revenue Seasonality, and Gross Margin
    • Operational KPIs: Volume, Capacity (% Utilization Target)

    Revenue Dashboard (automated feed from Revenue Navigator)

    • Help assess robustness of revenue forecast

    Demand (Resource) forecasting by Service Line

    Demand Navigator – Advanced

    “n” KPIs

    • User defined Financial and Operational KPIs
    • Pre-implementation consultancy services to help select the KPIs and their relevancy

    Resource and Margin optimization

    • Optimize resource mix by location/center (off-shore/on-shore) and resource pyramid ( skills level)
    • Develop margin expansion plans

    Implementation by Regions, Business Units, and Clients

    • Cloud Based Service

    Demand Plan Navigator Features