Maximize sales growth, minimize risk to revenue.

Predictive Revenue Intelligence that accelerates your growth all within Salesforce.

How ForecastEra Helps Your Company

Increase Account Retention & Growth

Our account planning best practices keep you well-informed on all customers and prospects. We scan more than 75,000,000 websites to provide critical information within your strategic accounts using machine learning.

Strengthen Revenue Growth & Forecasting

Built on Salesforce, ForecastEra enables reliable automated revenue planning so you get the information needed within a single click. Spend your time making decisions, not hunting for information.

Gain Confidence in Your Results

Predictive analytics provide assessments of risks and opportunities to improve results. Identification of key trends and early diagnostics help to discover root causes of win/loss and provide proactive solutions.

Improve Sales Team Management & Efficiencies

Assign and monitor account team tasks, tying the outcome to realized revenue and cost efficiencies. Our relationship map analytics shorten sales cycles by identifying decision makers, influencers, and budget owners.

ForecastEra launches Revenue Forecasting update

Gartner features ForecastEra as a key vendor in their Market Guide

We Help Deliver the Results

Sales teams with at least 25 Salesforce licenses have used ForecastEra apps to:


Increase revenue from partner channel 12x​


Faster sales cycles​


Increased sales forecast accuracy​


Win rates


Innovative Products that Accelerate Growth

Account Plan Navigator

A 360-View to Improve Sales Team Performance 

  • Simplified account planning that is built on Salesforce
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders
  • Identify growth acceleration opportunities
  • Understand buyer intent with real-time market insights
  • Drive smarter decisions with account portfolio analytics

Sales Forecast Navigator

Gain Sales Insights to Drive Predictable Sales Performance

  • Enhance Salesforce investment
  • Streamline forecasts and drive accountability
  • Strengthen sales impacts and efficiency
  • Uncover and mitigate forecast risk
  • Predictive analytics to improve closure rate
  • Engagement intelligence for opportunity insights

Revenue Forecast Navigator

Accurately Generate Actionable, Real-Time Revenue Forecasts

  • Automate revenue forecasting
  • Spend time making decisions, not hunting for information
  • Real-time scenario planning and what-if analysis
  • Unified single source of truth for forecasting
  • Drive collaboration across sales, finance, and operations

Track, report, plan, and forecast more efficently.

Manage your sales accounts and plan for stronger results by adding ForecastEra’s suite of tools to your Salesforce environment.