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Industry leading products and solutions

Account & Territory Planning

Develop actionable account and territory plans to capture critical account intelligence and drive up-sell, cross-sell and client retention.

Revenue Forecasting

Automate and track real-time revenue forecast by combining booked revenuewithprojected revenue from pipeline.

Sales Performance Analytics

Powerful analytics to improve sales productivity and identify sweet spot to maximize revenue and profitability.

Sales Forecasting

Accurately forecast sales using CRM intelligence and guide sales team to maximize pipeline conversion.

Account Plan Navigator

Combining the Art and Science of Account Planning

Get a deeper understanding of your customers and adopt best practices in account planning to unlock hidden growth opportunities and outsmart your competition


Revenue Navigator

Real-Time Revenue Predictability

Project revenues with confidence by consolidating information from various silos and identify opportunities to accelerate order-to-revenue conversion.


Gama Navigator

Identify Sweet Spot and improve Sales Performance

Analyze and improve sales productivity through identification of sweet spotand align your sales investments to maximize your returns


Sales Forecast Navigator

Never miss your sales forecast again

Drive collaborative sales forecasting and establish accountability to deliver on committed forecasts

With ForecastEra, never miss your targets again!

We power revenue growth and performance improvement for our global clients across industries with our data driven forecasting, predictive analytics and account planning solutions.

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Connected revenue intelligence lays a foundation to:

Provide accurate revenue guidance to stakeholders
Analyze revenue trends and performance drivers
Drive insights to accelerate account growth
Plug areas of revenue leakage
Integrate sales & revenue forecasting
Establish accountability for revenue performance


Industry leading products and solutions

Gama Navigator Analytics

Providing real-time visibility and Business Intelligence to improve revenue growth by analyzing the underlying trends and drivers. Our SAAS Analytics solution powered by Tableau helps you connect Sales, Marketing & Finance data to have an aligned view across the organization. Our Analytics focus on providing recommendations to improve performance and maximize profits

Revenue and Sales Navigator

ForecastEra™ converts Sales Bookings in CRM to revenue forecast using our rules engine to automate the forecast and improve Sales efficiency. Weighted revenue forecasts are available in real time and give visibility into longer term revenue streams, and insights into risk mitigation strategies that can be implemented by Sales and Account executives. Drive complete P&L planning with our SAAS solution

Account Plan Navigator

ForecastEra’s Account Plan Navigator helps drive superior account management to reduce customer churn, drive higher revenue and profit growth. Adopt best practices in account planning, understand clients business priorities and institutionalize account planning process. Operationalize your customer segmentation strategy and integrate account management into the CRM.

Demand Navigator

Create demand forecasts from the CRM and Custom Triggers to alert Resource Management and Supply Chain to minimize inventory costs and reduce revenue leakage. Improve your S&OP process through better Sales inputs for consensus planning. Real time alerts to operations and resource management teams of customer demand for better resource allocation and workforce planning.


Outcome Based Engagement Models to Drive ROI

We pride ourselves in solving business problems and in the true spirit of partnership with our clients, we provide outcome based engagement models for many of our solutions. With our deep functional expertise, domain knowledge and technological prowess, we strive to provide a collaborative and effective engagement model based on client success.

Connect the Dots with Visualization & Data Analytics

Connect the dots across your enterprise with powerful Planning, Analytics and Visualizations. Enterprise systems across Sales, Finance, HR and Operations are getting smarter but they are providing siloed information to Management. We understand Management Priorities of connecting the dots through predictive and prescriptive analytics and clear visualization by bringing together KPIs across various systems. Correlating these KPIs can provide valuable insights to solve business challenges and suggesting corrective actions


" “My experience in working with ForecastEra was very much a positive one. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again. Thank you for making the negotiation process a very pleasant experience.” "

− Marc

"“I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by the ForecastEra team. They not only helped us organize and better manage our operations but have provided us tools to look at our business more strategically.” "

− Dave