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    Sales teams with at least 25 Salesforce licenses have used ForecastEra apps to:


    Increase revenue from partner channel 12x​


    Faster sales cycles


    Increased sales forecast accuracy


    Win rates


    Increase in deal sizes


    Increase customer retention

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    Increase revenue from existing sales

    Real-time, cloud-based access to digitized account plans, and whitespace analysis.

    Consolidate Intelligence across accounts

    Account Plan analytics consolidates data across multiple accounts.

    Increase customer retention

    Automate the creation of renewal opportunities based on a single source of truth and provide guided actions to improve retention rates.

    Increase revenue from partner channel 12x

    Digital platform facilitates collaboration to co-sell new offerings and increase revenues.

    Improve win rate

    Automate sales analytics along with predictive forecasting using AI/ML opportunity scoring to reduce average time-to-close and win rate.

    Account Plan Navigator

    Improve Your Sales Team's Performance

    • Simplified Account Planning that is Native to CRM
    • Strengthen Relationships with Stakeholders
    • Identify growth acceleration opportunities
    • Understand buyer intent with real-time market insights
    • Drive smarter decisions with Account Portfolio Analytics.

    Relationship Navigator

    Dynamic Relationship Map to Drive Customer Engagement

    • Automatically build org charts from Salesforce Contacts
    • Identify Budget Authority, Influence and Relationship status
    • Understanding your client’s organization and buying structure
    • Identify face-offs from your company for key client contacts
    • Identify your client’s key interest for Account-Based Marketing

    Revenue Forecast Navigator

    Accurately Generate Actionable, Real-Time Revenue Forecasts

    • Automate Revenue Forecasting
    • Spend your time making decisions, not hunting for information.
    • Realtime Scenario Planning and What-If analysis
    • Unified Single Source of Truth for Forecasting
    • Drive collaboration across Sales, Finance, and Operations

    What Our Customers are Saying

    "Great tool for Account Planning

    We implemented ForecastEra 5 months ago, and it has really helped out sales team create great snapshots for what is going on within their account for not only themselves, but for their leaders and senior leadership as well.”

    – Cody Stewart, Sales & Business Operations Analyst at Pythian

    "Great tool and great vendor to work with...

    The Account Plan Navigator tool is very intuitive and has gotten positive feedback from our users. The ForecastEra team is a great vendor to work with as well – always there to provide support if we have any questions. It’s been a very positive experience.”

    – Sarah Tagg, Salesforce Product Manager at Dell Technologies

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