Enable Effective Management


Most CRM Tools do not provide functionality that enable effective management of sales teams and sales forecast.

Common challenges include:

  • Adoption of CRM platform by Sales teams
  • Line Managers lack tools to analyze opportunity data to manage performance of sales teams 
  • Management does not have access to trend data
  • Challenge to perform what-if and predictive analysis
Digitalized Delivery Planning tools from ForecastEra:
  • Provides pre-built dashboards for Sales Management to manage Sales Forecast
  • Dashboards and analytics provide a way for Sales Management to effectively manage sales teams
  • Able to explore trends by industry or product type to make sales investment decisions
  • Increase adaption of Salesforce by better analysis


Most CRM Tools do not provide functionality  to load revenue targets and track revenue  booked

  • Use Spreadsheets to forecast revenue and growth
  • Require manual work from Sales, Account Owners and Finance due to lack of integration between Sales and Finance Systems
  • Manual entries are prone to errors
  • Revenue Recognition treatments can be missed
  • Sales teams don’t have a view into products and services sold into an account

Digitalized Revenue Management tools from ForecastEra enables companies to:

  • Get real-time view into forecasts by integration of ERP and CRM systems
  • perform analytics to make real-time decisions for Quarter end/year end sales decisions
  • Lower the risk of inaccurate forecasting 
  • adopt data analytics which can be used by delivery and product teams to predict future demand and product enhancements