Revenue Planning – Forecast

Plan &


Analyze & Improve

Hit Targets &
Maximize Revenue

Revenue Navigator Highlights

Real-Time Forecasting

Seamlessly assess overall revenue picture with the underlying building blocks of the forecast on a real time basis, no more manual excels

Drive Accountability

Improve accountabilty of the revenue forecast with Sales and Account managers providing inputs based on underpinnings

One Version of Truth

One version of truth that is data driven, auditable & trusted across the organization

Improve Productivity

Accelerate how bookings convert to revenue, maximum in year revenue growth and drive rep productivity

Flexible & Automated

We ensure revenue forecasting is automated and configured to mirror revenue recognition methodology relevant to your business

Risk Mitigation

Understand and mitigate risks to the forecasts and help develop robust action plans

Performance Insights

Drive insights into areas of weak and strong revenue performance and understand root cause for variaces

Execution Play

Develop a playbook to achieve revenue goals with high-confidence and improve execution effectivness

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