ForecastEra is the #1 account planning, sales, revenue, and demand forecast suite native to Salesforce.

Revenue and Sales Forecasting Suite

Gain Sales Insights to Drive Predictable Sales Performance

Revenue Forecast Navigator

Collaborate Effortlessly to Build Real-Time Revenue Forecasts

Accurately Generate Actionable, Real-Time Revenue Forecasts

Finance and FP&A get accurate inputs to manage revenue forecasts and produce meaningful analytics.

  • Spend your time making decisions, not hunting for information.  Because ForecastEra is tied into Salesforce, you get the information you need with a single click.
  • A single source of truth: ForecastEra gives you real-time revenue information that isn’t siloed away in different systems.
  • Get actionable clarity that allows you to dynamically forecast growth plans based on real data, not hope.  Finance’s success depends on hitting a moving target.
  • Execute flawlessly with confidence.  Plan for tomorrow with up-to-the-minute confidence.
  • Automate revenue planning 
  • Drive collaboration across Sales, Finance, and Operations to produce the most reliable data-driven forecasts and most effective strategic accounts.
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Revenue Forecast Navigator Benefits

Real-Time Forecasting

Seamlessly assess overall revenue picture with the underlying building blocks of the forecast on a real time basis – no more manual excels.

Drive Accountability

Improve accountability of the revenue forecast with Sales and Account managers providing inputs based on underpinnings.

One Version of Truth

One version of truth that is data driven, auditable & trusted across the organization.

Improve Productivity

Accelerate how bookings convert to revenue, maximum in year revenue growth and drive rep productivity.

Flexible & Automated

We ensure revenue forecasting is automated and configured to mirror revenue recognition methodology relevant to your business.

Risk Mitigation

Understand and mitigate risks to the forecasts and help develop robust action plans.

Performance Insights

Drive insights into areas of weak and strong revenue performance and understand root cause for variances.

Scenario Planning

Understand and model the impact of different revenue scenarios.

Revenue Forecast Navigator Features

Sales Forecast Navigator

Unleash your Sales team to sell more.

Our forecasting technology allows you unparalleled sales performance.

  • Improve Salesforce Experience 
  • Streamline Forecasts and Drive Accountability
  • Strengthen sales impact and efficiency.
  • Uncover and Mitigate Forecast Risk.
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Sales Forecast Navigator Benefits

Plan, Targets, Quotas

Develop integrated and aligned BU/Product/Geo Plans and alternative scenarios. Assign optimal quotas to meet company objectives.


Daily/weekly snapshots & automated analysis of period-to-period pipeline progress provide insights to improve performance.

Forecast Accuracy

Predictive analytics provide assessment of risk and opportunities in forecast and insights to improve predictability.

Trend Analysis

Identification of key trends and early diagnostics help understand the underlying root causes and become proactive.

Pipeline Adequacy

Evaluate adequacy of pipeline vis-à-vis forecast commitments. Develop and assign pipeline targets to meet quotas and objectives.

Win/Loss Analytics

Analyze and provide insights on changes in product/channel/geo mixes that may have profound impact on profitability.

Sweet Spot

Predictive analytics services as an early diagnostic tool to help improve closure rate and minimize loss.

Product Mix

Analyze and product insights on changes in product/channel/geo mixes and help influence it to positively profitability.

Sales Forecast Navigator Features

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