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Account Plan Navigator

Combining the Art and Science of Account Planning

Get a deeper understanding of your customers and adopt best practices in account planning to unlock hidden growth opportunities and outsmart your competition

What’s your growth potential? Is your account planning process hindering your efforts?

With ForecastEra’s Account Plan Navigator organizations are able to increase revenue and dramatically improve sales effectiveness by optimizing and actionizing the account planning process.

The Account Plan Navigator is designed to be natively embedded into your existing CRM platform to leverage existing data and intelligence. The application’s advanced analytics are then used to identify strengths and gaps in key relationships, providing your account executives with action-oriented activities intended to improve growth. The entire process streamlines account planning and management — and enables you to better align your orga-nizational offering and strategy with your customers’ business objectives.

Account Planning Process

The Account Plan Navigator was built by industry leaders who have managed the account planning process at some of the world’s most admired companies. We understand the need for 360-degree coverage of your account planning process, along with the importance of rapid deployment and effective change management strategy. That’s why we’ve created an application that provides a comprehensive framework for account planning, then incorporates best practices during the adoption and execution of account plans.

Our experts are known for their ability to drive account growth. Let us help you get there.