Overview – Forecast


ForecastEra Features:

Growth Planning Application Suite

  • Driving growth is hard! ForecastEra’s growth planning suite of solutions helps Sales, Finance and Operations collaborate to predict better, react faster and be more strategic with clients in driving growth opportunities.

Digital Transformation Of Core Sales and Finance Processes

  •  ForecastEra’s product suite of Revenue Forecasting, Account & Territory Planning, Sales Analytics and Demand Planning Applications is helping digitize and connect core Finance and Sales Processes and is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to drive accountability, improve accuracy and speed up execution with data-driven analytics and decision making.

Bridges gap between Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations

  • Collaborate across Sales, Finance and Operations to build account and revenue plans, analyze gaps and implement mitigation strategies
  • Improved linkage between revenue and demand forecasts leads to operational efficiencies and plugs revenue leakage

Driver Based Revenue Forecasting

  • Correlate Operational drivers like Resource Forecasting, Customer Satisfaction, Utilization to revenue outcomes
  • Driver based approach to planning with customizable forecast versions

Compliance solution based on new GAAP Rules ( ASC 606)

  • Starting 2017 all public and non public entities will need to adopt new accounting rules which require disclosure of unfunded customer obligations ( Financial Backlog)

Native Applications to drive Adoption

Native applications on the CRM along with advanced analytics and link to ERP and other systems enables Sales, Finance and Operations to drive adoption and establish greater accountability