Overview – Forecast


ForecastEra Features:

Real Time Forecasting– Financial and Non-Financial

  • Native CRM apps enable real time translation of pipeline into revenue
  • Improve understanding of sales and revenue drivers
  • Helps in identifying new business needs and sales capacity required to meet plan

Improves Organizational Productivity, forecast accuracy and ROI

  • Reduce administrative time for Sales Team by leveraging CRM for improved revenue planning
  • Save cost by eliminating need for expensive enterprise performance management tools

Bridges gap between Sales, Finance, HR and Operations

  • Identify Revenue gaps and implement mitigation strategies to meet quarterly targets
  • Improved demand and operational planning leads to cutting down lead time for fulfilling demand

Process Workflow and Automation

  • Correlate Operational drivers like Resource Forecasting, Customer Satisfaction, Utilization to outcomes
  • Driver based approach to planning with customizable forecast versions

Compliance solution based on new GAAP Rules ( ASC 606)

  • Starting 2017 all public and non public entities will need to adopt new accounting rules which require disclosure of unfunded customer obligations ( Financial Backlog)

Native Applications to drive Adoption

Native app with financial and non financial KPIs makes it easier to integrate with SF Wave