ForecastEra is the #1 account planning, sales, revenue, and demand forecast suite native to Salesforce.

Selling High Tech at Internet Speeds Needs Salesforce + ForecastEra

Real-time actionable insights for sales professionals

High tech sales teams with at least 25 Salesforce licenses have used ForecastEra to:


Increased sales forecast accuracy




Increase Upsell and Cross-Sell

Our Approach to High Tech Sales

No other Salesforce-native app delivers the depth of knowledge that ForecastEra does. Instead of drowning in data, you get instant actionable analysis.

Your strengths are stronger with ForecastEra. You spend less time gathering data and more time making decisions with confidence.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling in the high tech space.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Remote/Virtual Products (anything as a service.)

ForecastEra will improve your sales team’s performance. Our secret sauce includes:

  • DIGITIZATION – Maximize use of technology and CRM systems to eliminate spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and legacy systems that silo information.
  • ANALYTICS – Digitization enables data analytics to provide meaningful insights to make better-informed and smarter decisions.
  • COLLABORATION – Unified tool to collaborate seamlessly with customers, partners, and internal stakeholders.
  • PREDICTABLE INSIGHTS – Automate data extraction and validation. Combine internal and external insights to provide proactive planning to effectively manage, retain, and grow accounts.

Account Plan Navigator

Improve Your Sales Team's Performance

  • Simplified Account Planning that is Native to CRM
  • Strengthen Relationships with Stakeholders
  • Identify growth acceleration opportunities
  • Understand buyer intent with real-time market insights
  • Drive smarter decisions with Account Portfolio Analytics.
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Revenue Forecast Navigator

Accurately Generate Actionable, Real-Time Revenue Forecasts

  • Automate Revenue Forecasting
  • Spend your time making decisions, not hunting for information.
  • Realtime Scenario Planning and What-If analysis
  • Unified Single Source of Truth for Forecasting
  • Drive collaboration across Sales, Finance, and Operations

Sales Forecast Navigator

Unleash your Sales team to sell more.

  • Improve Salesforce Experience
  • Streamline Forecasts and Drive Accountability
  • Strengthen sales impact and efficiency.
  • Uncover and Mitigate Forecast Risk.
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Demand Plan Navigator

Plan Resource Requirements to meet your Commitments.

  • Gain insights into your sales pipeline and execution in real-time .
  • Tightly integrate your revenue forecast with sales activity.
  • Own a clear line of sight from your delivery organization to demand 
  • Plan resources with hyper-accurate efficiency. 
  • Increase revenue with optimal margins.
  • Support your CEO and COO. 
  • Streamline operations.
  • Increase morale, efficiency, and trust.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, ForecastEra shows high tech sales teams:

Who to target

What to sell

How to sell

Who to target:

ForecastEra’s Relationship Map gives you x-ray vision into your target organization. Our relationship mapping tool automatically transforms your Salesforce contacts into live org charts.

Our relationship map provides a real-time “relationship score” that tracks the relationship health of a current or prospective client.

You can tailor the org charts to meet the needs of your sales teams, sales methodology, relationship types, and hierarchy.

Salesforce-native opportunity mapping helps you spot upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Our client relationship maps provide a guided sales path so that you’re always selling to the right people.

What to sell:

ForecastEra’s AI-based market intelligence scans over 75,000,000 websites to provide you with information related to critical updates within your strategic accounts.

Our machine learning of your company and your competitors’ offerings will reveal the best “tip of the spear” for your target market.

Turbocharge your account planning with ForecastEra’s Account Plan Navigator:

  • Identify growth acceleration opportunities
  • Understand buyer intent with real-time market insights
  • Drive smarter decisions with Account Portfolio Analytics

How to sell:

Proven Sales Process Unique to Your Organization. Our AI guides your sales process with proven, predefined goals and actions. Sales Operations leaders will be able to create actionable plans to assign and monitor tasks to the account team, tying the outcome to realized revenue and a reduction in cost.

Competitive White Space Analysis. Assess your current offerings and penetrate your strategic accounts by analyzing addressable spend within the organization.

What-If Simulation. Enable your Account Team by providing them a hub to understand CSAT information, open and closed opportunities, client challenges, and SWOT analyses.

Buying Center Alignment. Understand your relationship to stakeholders in each buying center, which products they have implemented, and where your offerings fit.

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    Account Planning& Forecasting for a Global Consulting Company with over 4500 users

    PROBLEM STATEMENT: Need for a seamless Account Growth Planning application integrated with the CRM to drive strategic and tactical actions to achieve higher revenue growth


    • Account plans were more inward focused
    • Global account managers were not able to view a comprehensive plan
    • Poor linkage to client imperatives
    • Manually intense effort in preparing plans every year
    • No account intelligence available for creating plans
    • No summary available across account plans


    • Migrated existing plans and implemented digital account planning
    • Implemented global account plans with drill down to regional accounts
    • Surfaced external insights linked to client imperatives and own strategy
    • Implemented white-space to identify opportunities
    • Created Revenue section to build 3 year objectives
    • Proposed solutions aligned with client objectives
    • Implemented consolidated account plan analytics


    • Standardized account planning process, over 70% improvement in adoption of account planning
    • Reduced time for client planning process by 4 weeks
    • Consolidated intelligence used for decision making by Region, Industry and Service Line Leadership
    • Global account collaboration
    • Aided in global budget and account roll ups
    • Account planning used as a living document

    Account Plan Navigator on