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Priya Nair

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RESTON, VA – 4/28/21

ForecastEra’s Account Plan Navigator, recognized by Gartner as one of only two account planning apps native to Salesforce, just got a major AI overhaul. 

As before, Salesforce enterprise users deploy ForecastEra’s Account Plan Navigator to scale up account planning best practices across their entire sales organization.

Now, AI does more work for you than ever. 

“We’re always striving to make Account Plan Navigator, the best account planning software in the industry, focused around providing value back to sales people and even more impactful to your company’s sales growth,” said Rahul Shah, ForecastEra’s CEO. “With the new functionality in our latest version, large sales teams using Salesforce will be able to close more sales, much faster than they did before.”

What’s New in Account Plan Navigator 3.1

  • Engagement Scoring –  With engagement scoring, both reps and sales managers can easily track client contacts to improve engagement, get in touch with overlooked prospects, and so on.

This new feature allows sales reps and sales operations/sales enablement leaders to view their engagement level with contacts under the relationship map contacts grid, based on their email interactions and analytics. 

The score is calculated by using a ForecastEra exclusive AI algorithm. The score implements a scale featuring Low, Medium, High, and Very High, as the main indicators of engagement level.

This feature will help CSOs, sales leaders, managers, and sales reps to:

  • Easily visualize engagement levels with their contacts with an interactive relationship map.
  • Get recommendations on which contacts need more email engagement.
  • Easily email contacts from within Salesforce.
  • Identify which contacts they need to actually speak with, instead of email, more often.

To see it in action, check out this video.

  • Influence Path Automation – An influence path shows you the shortest distance to a sale. With Influence Path Automation, ForecastEra’s AI upgrade suggests the best influence path for any opportunity.

In our efforts to reduce workload on sales reps and managers, a new ForecastEra exclusive AI algorithm now reveals the best automated influence path, or starting point, whenever you add a new opportunity. 

The automated influence path will sketch the best influence path to your selected budget owner/decision maker.

It will also provide an algorithm-based starting point, i.e. the automated influence path, which will feature both primary and influencer paths to the selected budget owner/decision maker for the selected opportunity.

Sales reps and managers can now simply make updates to the automated influence path, such as adding more contacts, and making changes to primary, influencer, and alternative contacts.

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