ForecastEra Announces Revenue & Sales Forecasting Suite

As a former CFO, I know that accurate, real-time forecasts can make or break a company. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce major updates to ForecastEra Revenue Forecast Navigator and ForecastEra Sales Forecast Navigator. Separately, each native Salesforce application delivered breakthrough forecasts. Now, we’ve made them even more powerful by bundling them together. We have […]

As a former CFO, I know that accurate, real-time forecasts can make or break a company.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce major updates to ForecastEra Revenue Forecast Navigator and ForecastEra Sales Forecast Navigator.

Separately, each native Salesforce application delivered breakthrough forecasts. Now, we’ve made them even more powerful by bundling them together.

We have reimagined the forecasting process with new functionality that completely blows away the previous versions. 

Every improvement is designed to help CRO, Sales Ops, Revenue Ops, CFOs, finance, financial planning & analysis professionals get accurate inputs to manage revenue forecasts and produce meaningful analytics.

Here’s just a short list of the latest enhancements.

Revenue Recognition Rules 

This new feature will allow users to define different revenue recognition rules, based on the user’s:

  • Product
  • Product family
  • Code
  • Custom fields 

It will help users:

  • Have fine-tuned and close control over revenue recognition rules 
  • Ensure zero deviation from compliance policies
  • Refine and improve accuracy of revenue forecasting

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration with Revenue Navigator

Good news for ERP users! 

We’re building a brand-new integration channel with Oracle ERP for our customers to seamlessly exchange information from Oracle to Revenue Navigator.

It helps:

  • Provide accurate revenue forecasts in a timely and automated manner
  • Eliminate errors due to manually uploading and consolidating data
  • Reduce time needed to analyze and cross-verify data
  • Improve trust in the revenue forecasting process

No more silos – Integration with all our products

We have made understanding and maximizing your revenue generation cycle easier than ever.

By integrating ForecastEra’s Account Plan Navigator, Sales Forecast Navigator, and Revenue Forecast Navigator, users can easily track the entire revenue generation cycle, from account planning to plan tracking to revenue recognition. 

By unifying all your data into one suite, it:

  • Allows one-click forecasting across sales and finance 
  • Eliminates the need to manually assimilate and analyze information
  • Helps users get a seamless experience of account planning, plan tracking, and revenue recognition
  • Provides access to and integrates the information flow from one place to another, without copying and pasting data

Customizable Data Extraction

The Data Extract feature allows users to consolidate data across Salesforce into a single .csv file for an in-depth analysis of revenue forecasts across all categories, regions, industries, business units, sales reps, etc. 

Currently, revenue forecast data is stored across various locations on Salesforce. If the user wants to analyze all data points simultaneously, the data extract feature will allow them to download the consolidated .csv file and be able to analyze all the data on one screen. 

Revenue Forecast Navigator Einstein Analytics Dashboard 

Gartner Says Bad Financial Decisions by Managers Cost Firms More Than Three Percent of Profits

If your company uses Salesforce’s native Einstein Analytics and Discovery Platform (Tableau CRM), then our Revenue Forecast Navigator dashboard is an absolute necessity for you.

It leverages Einstein Analytics’ robust capabilities and pulls data from various other ERP systems to offer credible, laser-focused, and actionable revenue forecasting insights. 

The Revenue Forecast Navigator Einstein Analytics Dashboard helps executive leadership, senior management, and decision makers:

  • Perform one-click forecasting across the entire sales and finance cycle 
  • Expedite decision making 
  • Predict Revenue Forecasts with an unprecedented level of accuracy 

The Revenue Forecast Navigator Einstein Analytics dashboard uses industry standard statistical methods, and provides comprehensive dashboards for:

  • Revenue summary
  • Revenue performance
  • Forecasting error analysis
  • Forecast accuracy analysis

Data can be sourced from Salesforce and external databases, including Postgres, AWS, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and other ERPs. This new dashboard allows you to:

  • Visualize and compare data easily and accurately
  • Predict revenue with proprietary statistical methodologies and analyses
  • Expedite decision-making by sharing sections or entire reports with a click
  • Annotate a report with comments to share with teammates for detailed analysis
  • Set notifications for target achievements and potential red flags 

Scoring of Open Opportunities for Sales Forecast Navigator  

Scoring of open opportunities is an AI-based scoring model, which helps accurately estimate the probability of winning a particular deal within a specified timeline. 

Scoring open opportunities:

  • Builds trust in the forecasting process 
  • Identifies low-hanging fruit for quicker sales closures 
  • Provides a more accurate estimate of potential revenue
  • Creates relationship intelligence in the forecast process

Users will soon be able to see open opportunity scores, and accurately predict:

  • Which deal is most likely to close?
  • How much potential revenue can be generated?

Waterfall Model Comparison for Sales Forecast Navigator

Waterfall Model will help sales reps and managers easily compare deals between different planning versions: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, or custom dates.

Sales reps can now get an in-depth view of day-to-day plan changes and identify closed, won, lost, and postponed opportunities.

Users will be able to:

  • Identify gaps and focus on targets easily

We’ve added a lot more changes under the hood to our proprietary AI powering our application’s analysis. 

We believe that this is the best forecasting software native to Salesforce.

What sets the Revenue Navigator Suite Apart?

Key Aspects


Salesforce Integration for Sales Reps

Proprietary tech that reduces manual data entry time and effort time by 75%. The data is sourced automatically. Sales reps can also enter data manually, if, and when, required.

Direction of Data

The flow of data is bidirectional. From Salesforce to Revenue Forecast Navigator Suite and back.


  • More visibility to sales reps and managers
  • Easy reporting, as the entire data model is visible to C-levels, sales managers, and sales reps
  • AI-powered scoring of open opportunities, can determine the best probability of closing a deal within the required time

AI and Automation

The ForecastEra rules engine uses our proprietary algorithms to calculate a data set for reporting. Users can also use the data extract feature to get a unified view of data across all levels into a .csv file for further analysis and on-demand reporting. 

We also maintain periodic snapshots to help easily compare forecasts month to month, quarter to quarter and year to year.

Intelligent Workflows

Any changes to Salesforce data will instantly reflect on Revenue Navigator at any time, including reports.

Activity Logging

Sales reps and managers can view and modify Forecast data for a specified time range, selected by the user.


User licenses per user.

Custom quotes.


What Does ForecastEra Revenue Navigator Suite Do Differently?

In-house native tech to optimize revenue and sales forecasting

Most vendors use off-the-shelf in-memory computing or calculation engines designed for basic analytics requirements. At FCST, we use our proprietary algorithms and statistical methods, developed on the Salesforce platform, to help accurately optimize revenue and sales forecasting.

We offer the agility to create models and what-if scenarios as part of our first-time deployment

As part of our evaluation process, we deliver a proof-of-concept model that caters to our user’s unique needs. After which, we build a custom forecasting model tailored to their organization and compliance needs.

We deliver instant value through regular and iterative enhancements and implementations based on your needs

The Revenue Navigator Suite built-in intelligence, based on Salesforce data, ensures that we can enhance and implement new changes to a user’s custom RN model, based on their evolving needs. 


Because we want everyone to see the impact of having both updated apps, we are offering a whopping 40% discount when you buy both in a bundle.

Normally both apps would be a total of $75 per license, the bundle price is $45. 

Salesforce users can test drive Revenue Forecast Navigator and Sales Forecast Navigator at the AppExchange. Please contact us for the special $45 bundle price. 

If you’d like to learn how Revenue & Sales Forecasting Suite works in your specific industry, click here to schedule your demo

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