ForecastEra empowers corporations to drive predictable revenue growth by finally connecting sales and finance.

RESTON, VA – October 19, 2021

ForecastEra today announced a new seed round investment of $4.5 million, led by Ringbolt Capital.

“This oversubscribed round signifies investors’ recognition of our triple-digit growth in a huge addressable market. A recent study predicts that the Salesforce ecosystem will create $1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026,” says Rahul Shah, Founder and CEO of ForecastEra. “This new funding will allow us to expand into markets that desperately need our services.”

Recognized as a top solutions provider by Gartner, ForecastEra has grown by meeting the untapped market of large sales and finance teams who want to improve the accuracy of their sales and revenue forecasting, win rate, deal size, and closing speed.

ForecastEra’s full suite which is native to Salesforce, breaks down the silos of real-time sales, revenue, and demand forecasting. ForecastEra transforms laborious quarterly presentations into real-time dashboards, saving weeks of effort.

“We invested in ForecastEra because we see it as a transformative technology that allows Salesforce’s more than 150,000 worldwide customers to not just improve their sales performance but enhance the C-suite’s capabilities to react and forecast in real-time,” says Ringbolt Managing Partner Joe Vacca.  “For the first time, CRO’s and CFO’s can accurately predict future performance as a team.”

The previous $2.8 million seed round was led by Vattikuti Ventures. Ringbolt Managing Partner Srikanth Ramachandran will be joining ForecastEra’s board of directors.

“Most companies aren’t leveraging the full power of Salesforce to do what is needed to generate healthy growth,” says Shah. “ForecastEra’s provides the essential missing piece of Salesforce.”

About ForecastEra

ForecastEra is the #1 account planning, sales, revenue, and demand forecast suite native to Salesforce. ForecastEra’s mission is to empower revenue operations with a single source of truth, to enable sales teams to sell more, finance teams to accurately forecast revenue, and operations teams to align demand in real-time. For more information, visit

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