Demand Navigator – Forecast

Imagine a world where

You get insights to your sales pipeline and execution in real time and when you demand it,
Your revenue forecast is tightly integrated with sales activity and any changes in sales is immediately translated into impact on revenue, and
And your delivery organization has clear line of sight to demand for their products and services, so they can plan resources accordingly and make revenue with optimal margins

Unfortunately, this happens only in the dreams of the CFO’s & COO’s!

Not anymore ….

ForecastEra’s suite of integrated products seamlessly connect the three most important areas of your enterprise and help you forecast with confidence, drive operational excellence, and achieve your financial objectives!

Demand Navigator/Services: Key Functionalities

Demand Navigator – Primer

– Five KPIs:
Financial KPIs: Revenue, Revenue Seasonality, and Gross Margin
Operational KPIs: Volume, Capacity (% Utilization Target)
– Revenue Dashboard (automated feed from Revenue Navigator)
Help assess robustness of revenue forecast
– Demand (Resource) forecasting by Service Line

Demand Navigator – Advanced

– “n” KPIs
User defined Financial and Operational KPIs
Pre-implementation consultancy services to help select the KPIs and their relevancy
– Resource and Margin optimization
Optimize resource mix by location/center (off-shore/on-shore) and resource pyramid ( skills level)
Develop margin expansion plans
– Implementation by Regions, Business Units, and Clients

Cloud Based Service