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Business to Government (B2G) Sales Account Planning

Why Do the Biggest Business-to-Government Sales Leaders Use Account Planning?

In the aerospace and defense industry, growth depends on selling more products to the same customers.

Government procurement is a moving target. Business-to-government opportunities change with every election. There are new people in those chairs – new agendas, new budgets, new opportunities.

The real B2G problem isn’t the government. It is your sales process.

Your company’s inconsistent approaches to account planning and business development create roadblocks. You’re ensnared in your own red tape.

Public-sector sales is more than just filling out endless requests-for-proposals (RFP), requests-for-information, requests-for-quotations, and sources-sought, etc. The federal, state, and local government contracting process is only half the challenge.

Your sales team must track whom you are selling to and what their changing requirements are. That’s why you need account planning.

If you want to succeed with public sector sales, whether you are working with city managers or the upper reaches of the US government’s General Services Administration (GSA), you need account planning to keep track of your prospect landscape.

The problem is that most B2G companies don’t do account planning effectively.


of executives are actively or effectively collaborating on account planning


of manufacturers want CRM applications with Partner Relationship Management


of manufacturers want CRM applications with Customer Data Analytics & Guided Selling

Focus Areas for Account Planning in B2G

Breaking down governance silos

Collaboration on the account plan

Managing relationships across multiple stakeholders

Identifying buying signals and whitespace opportunities

ForecastEra’s 4-step approach to Account Planning for B2G

Align on a consistent set of principles for account planning

One size doesn’t fit all - Account Plans tailored to every account segment

Maximize growth through effective whitespace analysis

Engage with right decision makers and build meaningful relationships

Gain a Competitive Edge in the A&D Industry – with ForeacastEra’s Account Navigator

  • Better Relationships means Higher sales
  • Shorten deal cycles by identifying who to sell, what to sell and how
  • 360 view and collaboration across key stakeholders, internal teams, customers & partners
  • Customer-focused approach to selling by aligning with client’s key business imperatives
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    Automated Forecasting for a Global Aerospace Company

    PROBLEM STATEMENT: Need for an automated real-time Forecasting system for Finance, Sales & Operations to converge using data from Costpoint and CRM


    • Visibility into real time revenue forecasts
    • Automate manually intense process of forecasting across Sales, Finance and Ops teams
    • CRM to Costpoint connect across CLINs, opportunities and Mods
    • Establish single source of truth for forecast
    • Audit trail & approval workflow
    • Drive accountability, highlight variances and root cause analysis for missed forecasts


    • Created a solution to map CLINs to CRM data
    • Ported actual, budget data from Costpoint to CRM giving account managers visibility
    • Built revenue recognition rules for government contracting vehicles to automate  bookings to revenue forecast
    • Built workflow rules for review and approval across hierarchy
    • Users were able to forecast at CLIN level
    • Created automated forecasting report to analyze forecast vs actual variances and to do modeling


    • Standardized revenue planning process, over 60% improvement in manual efforts by FP&A & Ops team
    • Converged forecasts and established one source of truth
    • Improved forecast accuracy
    • Reduced time for forecasting process by 1 week
    • Consolidated intelligence & signals for decision making by Region, Industry and Product Line Leadership
    • Global Project collaboration
    • Inclusion of Modifications improved forecast accuracy tremendously

    Account Plan Navigator on