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Analytics COE Service

In today’s world, reacting in real time is key to maintaining that edge over the competition. In this age of self service, Forecastera offers a disruptive new model for Analytics, Our expert team of former Senior Executives come in to define, plan, contruct and nurutre an analytics Center of Excellence that can be self-serviced by your team.

We strongly believe that One Size DOES NOT Fit all. Every Organization has it’s own unique set problems to resolve, and challenges to overcome.
We offer starter content to jump start your thought process and then work with you to identify your business problem. Our approach is to give you actionable insights, not just pretty dashboards.

Once the starter content is deployed, typically within days, our seft-service enablement team coaches key members from your organization to add or change additional content.

Our team meanwhile focuses on taking you to the next level of maturity in the Analytics Journey.

Our Approach

We start by conducting a health check for maturity, capability, usability and support

Define tools, process, data governance and resourcing for the COE

Define KPIs that are critical for your business, understand the nature of analysis that is required and level of automation necessary for current needs and anticipated future requirements.

Build data models, create views for effective visualization and construct ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) logic for integration with multiple data sources.

Develop and Publish visually rich dashboards for defined use cases.

Train COE staff and create self-service tools for users to perform their own analysis.

Define plans for advanced analytics and improving the maturity of the Analytics COE.

Are you ready to Crack the Code?

Growth Acceleration Dashboards

These dashboards provide insight into areas ripe for growth acceleration and unearths untapped opportunities to expand growth. Ever wonder, where you can grow to meet your objectives, then these set of insightful analytics is a must for you

Sales Productivity Dashboards

Who, how, when, what – These are questions that are often asked about an organization’s sales plans. With the sales productivity dashboards, you are now armed with industry leading dashboards that offer you incredible insights into how your sales team is doing, how effective are your sales strategies and where are you selling most and why. The dashboards also leave you with specific action plans to increase sales productivity

Opportunity Scoring Dashboards

Organizations have finite resources to go after sales. Hence making the right decision to pursue an opportunity is critical to optimizing a sales team’s performance. Opportunity scoring helps refocus a sales team’s efforts towards the opportunities with the highest chance for success.

Market Intelligence Dashboards

Information about how your competition is doing, how your brand is perceived, how can you increase your outreach, which channels work best and what are the best times to increase your marketing spend are all provided with these unique set of dashboards that are also integrated with google adwords, social media, and marketing management software.

Financial Analysis Dashboards

At the core of the business is the anxiety that a CFO feels about knowing things in advance to plan for any eventuality. From reporting the right numbers to Wall street and investors, to knowing where the next investment goes, are activities that a finance organization needs to make on a daily basis. Our finance dashboards provide CFOs and their teams with insightful analytics and meaningful reports to make their everyday decision making a lot easier

Procurement Optimization Dashboards

Optimizing spend is a much sought-after goal of every organization. Our spend analysis dashboards covers everything from planned spending to maverick spends and provides optimization actions based on this analysis. Consolidation of vendors, change of buying patterns, modifying seasonality of purchases and optimizing payment methods are all part of the actionable insights provided by this solution.

HCM Diversity Dashboards

The days when diversity was given lip service at the workplace has come to an end. Merely checking a box for Diversity initiatives is no longer regarded as sound business sense. The advent of a rapidly mobile, diverse work force needs an organization to be sensitive to its policy of inclusion, promotion and engagement. CHROS have rapidly begun to consider Diversity, its adoption and promotion as a key competitive edge in their war for talent. Our set of diversity dashboards, provides actionable plans to meet your diversity goals.

Employee Flight Risk Dashboards

Wouldn’t you want to know if your best employees are leaving. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which of these employees are a flight risk before it happens? You could plan in advance to retain these stars. With our employee flight risk dashboards, you can reasonably predict flight risks for all your employees based on over 40 data points and create actionable retention plans.