Account Planning – Forecast


Collaborate across a larger team and gather best account-level intelligence from field sales teams and stakeholders across Marketing, Finance and Product Management.


Obtain and configure relevant external intelligence to resemble market conditions and assess opportunities and impacts on the growth plans.


By combining best of industry consulting with a platform built for agile implementations, you quick start business transformation for a faster time to value.


Begin to connect your enterprise applications to get key account health data and leverage transactional data from for faster, more accurate decision making.

Account Plan Navigator Highlights

Identify White Space

Assess your current offerings and penetrate your strategic accounts by analyzing addressable spend within the organization.

Identify Key Relationship
& Influence

Use our Relationship Mapping function to identify BANT and understand decision makers relationships inside and out of the organization

Al based Market Intelligence

Using Machine Learning we scan over 75,000,000 websites to provide you with information related to critical updates within your strategic accounts.

Risk Scoring for Accounts

Take advantage of our Risk Scoring Model to identify Strategic, Operational, and Commercial risk within an account.

Guided Sales: Pre-defined goals
and actions

Create actionable plans to assign and monitor tasks to the account team tying the outcome to realized revenue and a reduction in cost.

Chatter for Collaboration

Collaborate using Chatter and Quip to create an environment for fast updates and quick account team decisions.

Monitor and Course Corrective

Use our Analytics Bundle to measure the performance of your action plans and your offerings in comparison to others in the marketplace.

Buying Center Alignment

Understand your relationship to stakeholders in each buying center, which products they have implemented, and where your offering fits.

Competitive Assessment

Compare your offerings and position in an account to comparable organizations in your space.

Account Insights, What-If Simulation

Enable your Account Team by providing them a hub to understand CSAT information, Open and Closed Opportunities, Client Challenges, and SWOT Analysis.

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