Once your startup is funded, you need to quickly operationalize your business plan and lay out a path to achieve targets set for your business. ForecastEra has a solution to help you implement the right Financial and Sales methodologies, tools and processes to help you succeed. As part of our end to end solution we can help you:

  • Implement and Configure your CRM with leading Sales best practices
  • Customize your CRM to meet your business needs
  • Implement a Financial Planning and Forecasting solution within your CRM to track revenue and KPIs
  • Translate your financial plan into meaningful quotas to assess the right sales capacity
  • Set up key reports and dashboards from your CRM to run your business
  • Provide a shared administrator to manage your CRM

We can help you get off the ground faster and let you spend more time on building your business. Our solution can easily fit your budget and empower you with critical insights needed for decision making

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Key Challenges

Defining the right performance management KPIs and metrics to ensure profitable growth (ROI investment in new offerings/markets)

Maturity of Sales and Finance processes

Limited time and budget for tools and technology enablement

Access to real time dashboards and reports to measure business performance and take actions

ForecastEra Solution

Holistic Sales and Financial Planning tool and automation (embedded capabilities)

Sales and Financial Planning industry best practices

Obviates the need for investment in planning tools

Faster access to critical analytics for decision making and resource management based on real time data