Business Transformation

Organizations are continuously trying to transform their business models to address changing market needs, competitive threats and evolving customer preferences. Our deep capabilities and experience can help you in your transformation journey

  • Alignment with Operating Model: Harmonize your business process to align with the operating model
  • Operational Excellence: Implement best practices to drive operational excellence across your organization
  • Cost Optimization: Drive cost optimization across the organization and increase operational efficiencies
  • Effective Cadence: Set up an effective governance across your organization to achieve results
  • Investment Effectiveness: Measure effectiveness of investments made across various areas of the enterprise. Ensure ROI is measured and benchmarked against committed business cases for each investment
  • Corporate Performance Management: Plan, measure, analyze and improve your corporate and business performance

Centers of Excellence

Establish global centers of excellence (COE) to realize the following benefits:

  • Set consistent standards and processes for activities that are recurring and require specialized skills / knowledge
  • Standardize all repetitive and transactional Tasks
  • Leverage Low Cost Locations where possible

Client and Market Segmentation

Focusing on the right market segments dramatically improves chances of success. Segment your market based on your strategy and priorities. Choose the right products for the right markets and improve your win rates. Increase collaboration among business development and product teams to address the market needs.

Implement the right client segmentation model and align your investments based on each segment. Assign the right sales and account management coverage based on the segmentation model.

Renewals Management

Every 1% increase in your renewal rates could mean thousands of dollars of Revenue and Profit improvement without spending incremental dollars on new Sales.
With ForecastEra’s predictive Renewal Management Solution, leverage the power of Big Data and Analytics to drive up your renewal rates. Proactively understand clients that are at risk of leaving and design early intervention programs and marketing campaigns to reduce churn. Our statistical model accommodates both internal drivers like customer satisfaction, usage metrics and external drivers like competitive pressures and market conditions to provide you the most accurate recommendations. Assign your best talent to renewals that are at risk.

With deep insights into the client base, learn how you can Up-Sell and Cross Sell within the existing client base to improve organic revenue growth. Our outcome based model guarantees results and we can help you grow your recurring revenues, improve customer retention and improve client satisfaction.

Quota Planning

Establishing the right quotas are key to organizational success and sales planning. Our solution allows you to derive the right targets by translating revenue growth objectives into Sales Quotas. Sales quotas are adjusted based on risk weightage and historical achievement trends.

Contract Key Terms

Capture and store the key terms of your contracts and bids without having to read through the contractual documentation every time. We provide a predefined framework to track all pertinent information and offer a way to capture the business (financial and non-financial) risks that were negotiated with the customer.

Bid Intelligence

Get the right insights before bidding on contracts. Implement the right delegation of authority to review bids. Capture key assumptions made during the bid process and convey those to the teams involved in execution. Compare bid model to actuals, analyze gaps and implement mitigation plans