Companies  have made significant investments in planning and BI solutions which exist in silos across Sales, Finance and Operations. ForecastEra’s integrated planning & analytics approach looks to connect the world of sales, finance and operations to maximize ROI  of your investments. Our modern planning framework is designed to meet your organizational goals.

Forecastera uses a new approach of sales driven planning whereby your CRM is transformed to capture all the inputs needed for accurate financial and operational planning. With ForecastEra’s native CRM applications, improve performance, adoption, collaboration, security and intelligence across your organization. Sales and Marketing have a one stop shop to understand their performance and input their plans, Finance gets accurate inputs for forecasting and Operations gets the right insights to manage capacity and plan their costs. With integrated planning & analytics we can guarantee removing redundancy and increasing your organizations productivity.

Forecastera allows you to capture various sales and operational inputs which form the basis for your Business Intelligence. Sales drivers are correlated with your operational plans, giving you best analytical insights to power your business. Forecastera allows Companies to spend more time in analyzing information and taking corrective action.

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ForecastEra Features

Real Time Forecasting– Financial and Non-Financial

Native CRM apps enable real time translation of pipeline into revenue
Improve understanding of sales and revenue drivers
Helps in identifying new business needs and sales capacity required to meet plan

Improves Organizational Productivity, forecast accuracy and ROI

Reduce administrative time for Sales Team by leveraging CRM for improved revenue planning
Save cost by eliminating need for expensive enterprise performance management tools

Bridges gap between Sales, Finance, HR and Operations

Identify Revenue gaps and implement mitigation strategies to meet quarterly targets
Improved demand and operational planning leads to cutting down lead time for fulfilling demand

Process Workflow and Automation

Correlate Operational drivers like Resource Forecasting, Customer Satisfaction, Utilization to outcomes
Driver based approach to planning with customizable forecast versions

Compliance solution based on new GAAP Rules ( ASC 606)

Starting 2017 all public and non public entities will need to adopt new accounting rules which require disclosure of unfunded customer obligations ( Financial Backlog)

Leverage Analytics for Financial and Operational Dashboards

Native app with financial and non financial KPIs makes it easier to integrate with SF Wave