Accelerate your Sales and revenue transformation through Analytics, Data Driven Forecasts and powerful visualizations. We empower Enterprises with Integrated Planning Solutions to seamlessly connect Sales, Finance and Operations.ForecastEra’s planning solutions can help you forecast with confidence. Our Planning App is backed by Enterprise Security and advanced features like chatter and collaboration provided on the leading CRM platforms. Companies can simplify their financial planning, easily integrate with existing Finance, Sales and Operational systems and maximize ROI by avoiding huge investment on a stand alone Planning solution.

ERP Integration

Our solutions incorporates critical elements of the General Ledger structure to ensure appropriate mapping of the financial measures contained within ForecastEra™. In addition, we provide an easy way to incorporate elements of actual financial performance to better inform our automated calculations around forecasting activities.

Financial Planning Tool

Organizations that have invested in a financial planning tool can obtain the corresponding planning model for their existing systems. Our solution works seamlessly through our Rapid Deployment Solutions for industry leading platforms such as SAP® BPC, Oracle Hyperion, and IBM Cognos® TM1®.


Planning requires very close collaboration among sales, finance, and resource planning communities. Our solution enables these different stakeholders to collaborate and share information using embedded functionality within the Salesforce® platform such as Chatter®.Stakeholders are also able to store additional comments related for each financial measure within a specific planning version.


Our solution allows the users to utilize all of its functionality on any mobile device connected to the internet. Sales teams, Account Executives, and even financial planning & analysis teams can use their tablet to complete their monthly planning activities. Executive and Sales Leadership have access to all Dashboards and related Reports at their fingertips.

Backlog Management

Assessing backlog of current orders and the associated run off is a key building block of a revenue forecast. ForecastEra™ has a backlog module that tracks financial backlog of undelivered revenues. It can also track non-financial backlog of undelivered product or resource orders which can be leveraged in production and inventory planning. Sales leaders can set alerts to replenish backlog based on set thresholds.

Gap Mitigation Plans

In addition to performing analysis, ForecastEra™ allows for the management of gap mitigation plans. Leadership at all levels of the organization can collaborate with the finance and resource management communities to capture and manage their corresponding gap mitigation plans.

Planning Workflow & Approvals

Clearly defined workflows and corresponding approval levels are critical to ensure a successful planning cycle. ForecastEra™ comes predefined with a planning workflow that is based on industry best practices.